Masterchef: Vermouth Edition

We received many messages of people interested in having more details about the menu we proposed in the article “Vermouth to Eat” which was posted a couple weeks ago.

To whom might not have red it, the article was explaining how to use vermouth in your food recipes.

Towards the end of the article we suggested a specific menu with vermouth based dishes:

  • Glass of sweet vermouth for appetizer, to pair with some cheese
  • Risotto cooked in dry vermouth with shrimp topping
  • Chicken aromatized with sweet/white vermouth and spices
  • Ice cream covered in vermouth aromatized chocolate

Main takeaway from last article: drink some sweet vermouth while cooking in order to get the best possible experience. Do that!

In order not to drink with an empty stomach you can pair vermouth with a selection of cheeses. We suggest Taleggio, a particular Italian cheese, but choose the one you like the most.

We decided to propose the Risotto when we saw this dish proposed by Chef Enrico Derflingher at an event organized by Cocchi vermouth.

The name of that particular dish was “Risotto Regina Vittoria”. It’s a vermouth aromatized risotto, flavored with truffle and with red shrimps. It was garnished with fennel and one red shrimp, almost raw, on top of the dish. The chef used carnaroli rice, and the result looked absolutely delicious.

The picture of such dish was in the older article Vermouth to Eat in case you are curious.

cena-vermouth-1-696x463.jpgVermouth di Torino Cocchi Concept Dinner (Image Source)

We could have chosen to stick to the menu served at that Cocchi dinner we mentioned above. In that case, after risotto, we should have suggested “Veal cheek marinated with exotic spices and soft polenta made with stone grounded flour”. The name is enough to get you in the mood for food, if you had the time to keep the meat marinating for 24 hours in vermouth and then slow cook it. We thought it was too difficult, but if you try this, let us know!

Instead, we selected an easier dish to prepare: vermouth aromatized chicken.

You’ll not need many ingredients, but you can use the spices you prefer, as laurel, myrtle or juniper berries.

spezie_ortaggi.jpgMix of spices for vermouth aromatized chicken (Image Source)

How to:

Put the chicken in a pan with some oil and garlic. Meanwhile cook some onion in a pot. When the chicken is gilded, move it into the pot with onions and add a glass of vermouth. Add the spices you chose and let it cook slowly until is ready.

Now it’s time for dessert, sweet vermouth pairs perfectly with chocolate. You can try and create different pralines, or if you decided you prepared enough dishes for today, you can buy the Cocchi ice cream. Cocchi, in fact, produced an ice cream covered in vermouth flavored chocolate.

Done, have you enjoyed your dinner?

Let us know if you tried one or more of those recipes and if you have a different one that is your favorite!


ettoreblogMy name is Ettore Velluto, I’m a vermouth enthusiast, I like extraordinary cocktails and I’m definitely a foodie. I earned my MsC in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESADE Business School.

Together with my friend Jorge Ferrer we are going to commercialize a new modern vermouth brand. Feel free to reach out or connect with me at or@e_velluto .




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