Cocktail Bar.celona: 5 places you should try

There is always some kind of magic when you walk into a cocktail bar for the first time. The atmosphere, the bartenders that welcome you there and the all-round vibe… All of this creates a unique moment that can only be improved by a superb drink in your hand. That’s why we love to write about our favorite bars, as we already did recently by sharing a list of what we humbly consider are some of the top cocktail bars in Rome (Find it HERE)

This time we travel to Barcelona, a place we absolutely love and which we are sure most of you will agree is one of the most entertaining and fun cities to visit. However, Barcelona has way more to offer than just great food, a sunny weather and some of the most beautiful monuments you will ever see (as if that weren’t enough…). The city also has a vibrant cocktail scene, with plenty of bars to visit and a wide range of styles. It doesn’t matter if you feel like having a relaxing moment while enjoying a Manhattan; or if you’d rather enjoy a night out with friends, good music and a perfectly made cocktail as the icing on the cake. You will always find your place in Barcelona.

And just in case you still have any doubts about that, we have prepared a list of 5 bars, which are among our most frequently visited ones. Does it mean these are the top 5 cocktail bars in Barcelona? The answer is arguable, but they are some of the best places to enjoy a cocktail if you feel like it. We are always open for suggestions, though, especially when it comes to finding new places to have a drink.

Creps al Born

Have you ever eaten crêpes while drinking a cocktail? We hadn’t either until we discovered this amazing bar. Located at the heart of El Born, one of the city’s old neighborhoods, the place offers ridiculously tasty crêpes and some of the best cocktails in town.

If that weren’t enough, the bartenders make sure people are having a great time by animating the scene and engaging the audience during their service. It is no coincidence that it was awarded as the Best Cocktail Bar in Spain 2015. If you are visiting and crave a perfectly made drink and some fun, this is the place for you.

Creps.jpgCreps al Born (Image Source)


Giacomo Giannioti, a well-known and recognized bartender, is the indisputable ruler of this hidden cocktail bar. When you pass by the number 4 of Carrer de Rera Palau during the day, you will find a sandwich place called Pastrami. But if you check again after the evening, and are curious enough to find out what lies behind the big door next to the bar, you will find yourself in a completely different atmosphere.

A truly classy speakeasy bar will welcome you there, with all the savoir faire of Giacomo for you to enjoy in every cocktail, from the most classic ones to his own personal creations.

paradiso_barcelona_65_place-full.jpgParadiso (Image Source)

Dry Martini

World-known bartender Javier de las Muelas owns this classic cocktail bar in Barcelona, located in the Eixample neighborhood. It is known for being among the Top 50 World Best Bars (#34 in 2016), and the atmosphere reminds us of those old classy American bars, elegant and stylish without being presumptuous.

If you want to end your night in a superb way, go check it out. Definitely worth a visit, and what better than ordering a well-prepared Dry Martini?

drymartini.jpgDry Martini (Image Source)


We find ourselves in El Born again. Hidden among its narrow streets, you will find the Collage. The dim lights and vintage look of the place create a unique atmosphere where design, art and cocktails meet.

If that doesn’t sound appealing enough, their cocktail making skills will, regardless of your taste. If you are crazy about the classics, you will find what you’re looking for. But if you like being surprised and are open to new tastes, they will exceed your expectations. Trust us!

collage.jpgCollage (Image Source)

Metric Market

This might not be considered a pure cocktail bar by some people. Even if you ask the guys there, they will tell you that Metric is not a bar, nor a restaurant. The place offers great food (it is really worth a visit just for the food), live music and has a great team of bartenders behind the bar to delight its audience. It doesn’t matter what you want to drink, they will make sure you leave with a smile. You can be sure about it.

metric.jpgMetric Market (Image Source)

Planning a trip soon? Now you have another reason to go to Barcelona. And if you are already there’s no excuse not to enjoy a well-prepared cocktail with the best of atmospheres. All you need to do is choosing your company. Enjoy!


My name is Jorge Ferrer, I am a spirits and cocktails lover and a vermouth enthusiast. I earned my MsC in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESADE Business School and at the moment I hold a Junior Brand Manager position in Brown-Forman. I am planning to market my own vermouth, feel free to reach out or connect with me at or @jorge_chinaski 


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  1. Añadiria: old fashioned, el doble, boca chica… y el metric lo conocemos bien 😉


    1. We can add them in the next articles about Barcelona!


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