Rome: 5 cocktail bars you need to know

Up to now, we told you histories of places, cocktails, key persons for the evolution of vermouth through the years. We explained recipes, for you to know more classical cocktails, and to let you prepare them by yourselves.

Some of you tried to create such cocktails, others didn’t. There could be many reasons why:

  • “I don’t have all those liquor bottles at home” (I understand you, it’s dangerous to have them)
  • “I don’t have the appropriate bar equipment”
  • “I just want to drink my cocktails, not craft them”

You’re right, it makes perfect sense!

Today, in order to facilitate your way to the right cocktail, we are going to suggest 5 spots in Rome, where you will be able to taste each cocktail we wrote about, served perfectly.

Imagine you’re in one of those places, with your friends, or with someone you want to impress.

You all sit down, and without even looking at the menu, you order a Martinez (yes, this is my favorite cocktail now).  You impressed everyone, the person next to you and the barman, the latter will in fact have the opportunity to mix something that is not usually requested.

Feel free to send us yours thank you messages.

I planned to organize this article as a ranking: everyone loves rankings. Internet is made of 30% pets, 30% rankings, 30% Donald Trump and a variable 10%.

But, no, I couldn’t. There are so many places I’ve still never been to, it wouldn’t be fair for the ones not included in the ranking.

So, here you will find 5 cocktail bar/speakeasy of Rome, that I liked the most lately, without a specific order. It’s up to you to choose the best one.

You can write us if you think there is some place we must include; we can fill a future article with such suggestions.

16593856_10210661281421548_2057908769_oClub Derrier (Private Image)

Club Derriere

Derriere is a French word, meaning behind. The reason is that this speakeasy is hidden behind another bar, the Osteria delle Coppelle, in Piazza delle Coppelle. Entering the first bar, you will see a white wardrobe at the bottom of the place, that’s the entrance.

The atmosphere is definitely relaxed, with sofas and soft lights. The place is rather small, but still has two areas, one where the bar is, and another one just with chairs and tables.

Ah, the bathroom is behind the library.


Again, to enter this bar you’ll have to explore another not related place. The location is Pigneto area. You are looking for a cocktail bar, instead you need to seek a sandwich place, the Premiata Panineria. Once you are inside, open the cellar door, and you’ll find yourself in a wide room, full of red leather sofas, and misted windows. This bar also has an outdoor area, of a completely different style.

Spirito-via-Fanfulla-da-Lodi-53-Roma.jpgSpirito (Image Source)

Freni e Frizioni

We’re in Trastevere now, near Piazza Trilussa. This time, nothing is hidden. This bar has large windows on the street, tables and large umbrellas outside. It is renowned for the aperitivo.

You’ll find many people here, locals and tourists; they’ll be sipping cocktails on the square before the bar. Lately, this cocktail bar started to collaborate with an historical disco of Rome. Meaning that during the weekends, you can find the amazing cocktails of Freni e Frizioni, perfectly mixed also at the Alien club.

frenifrizioni.jpgFreni e Frizioni (Image Source)

The Jerry Thomas Project

Probably the most famous speakeasy in Rome. Named after Jerry Thomas, a.k.a The Professor, father of American mixology. This speakeasy is located near Campo de’ Fiori , you’ll need a password or a reservation to enter. It perfectly impersonates the image of an American cocktail bar during prohibition. Soft lights, sofas and jazz music are a must.

Note for our readers, the Jerry Thomas guys, in collaboration with Quaglia distillery, are the producers of the Vermouth del Professore.

the-jerry-thomas-project-rome-conde-nast-traveller-19jan15-pr_1080x720.jpgThe Jerry Thomas Project (Image Source)

Caffè Propaganda

Just next to the Colosseum, this Parisian looking bistort is surely the brightest on this list. Caffè Propaganda is a perfect place for any moment of the day: aperitivo, dinner and especially after dinner. Entering you’ll see a large L shaped counter, there is a first room with high tables and chairs, and then a second one more resembling a bistro.

Caffe-Propaganda-by-Dacomo-e-Leonardi-Rome-Italy.jpgCaffè Propaganda (Image Source)

Now you know where to go for a drink when you are in Rome, let us know which one is your favorite, or send us your personal ranking.

I should have draught a ranking, internet loves rankings.

ettoreblogMy name is Ettore Velluto, I’m a vermouth enthusiast, I like extraordinary cocktails and I’m definitely a foodie. I earned my MsC in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESADE Business School and at the moment I’m enrolled in the Coursera’s Social Media Marketing course.

I am planning to market my own vermouth, feel free to reach out or connect with me at or@e_velluto .



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